28 04 2009

My kindergarteners are all around 3 years old, and seriously are the cutest things at school, save for Jake.  I have been teaching them the basics, like “May I go to the bathroom?” “May I have some water?” “Please” “Thank you” etc.  This week is basic vocabulary-building with fruit.  So it’s appleappleapplewatermelonwatermelonwatermelonplumplumplum until they get it.  It’s fun and easy and I love to see their excitement regarding strawberries and the like.  But today we got to “Mango” and they didn’t know what it was, so I decided to teach them an alternate pronunciation (Maaahhnn-go!) and a corresponding dance move.  Watch the whole video to see what I mean.


Ahh, Nature.

7 04 2009

Ahh, Nature., originally uploaded by Jake & Kristin.

We went hiking this weekend. Instead of hopping in a car and driving to the mountains, we took the subway to the end of the line, and wandered through a little town for several hours before we found a trail head. Here is a view looking back at a small slice of Seoul from near the top of Bulamsan, a mountain on the north-eastern edge of the city.

A Breath of Sweet, Grumpless Air

1 04 2009

Save for some minor drama that is currently happening at work, which, (and, except for that one time when we were yelled at by drunken *21-year-olds about God knows what) blissfully does not involve us, the office is humming along smoothly, and dare I say it– happily.  I am not sure if it is because of the impending weather change, the absence of the Pint-Sized Grumpy Koala, the *Ohio State Smirker, and the *Back-Up Rush Drummer Dreamer, or if everyone’s nipping a wee pint at lunch, but….something gloomy and dark has definitely lifted off of the collective spirit of our school and I found myself thinking about wanting to think about maybe possibly skipping merrily to work yesterday.  Just for a second.