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24 02 2010

So most of you probably heard about the Mad Hatter that decided to fix his tax problems by flying a stolen plane into the IRS building here in Austin, Texas, after setting fire to the home he shared with his wife and child.  Good news!  No more taxes for him!  Except that pesky death tax, so who got the last word here?  Anyway, the whole event happened minutes up the road from our new house.  Here’s a drive-by picture of the aftermath, sorry for the poor quality:

Extreme Tax Evasion

In other news, after a successful job interview (!) with yours truly a few days ago, we investigated a park I spied a while back, which we discovered is called the Bull creek Greenbelt area, in the Balcones Canyonlands.  The end of the path we walked started with a nature preserve, dedicated to re-establishing yellow-cheeked warblers.

It turned out to be quite the find, complete with waterfalls, streams, moss-covered rocks, stalactites, and two weirdos hiking with their cat in a cat carrier.  Of course that’s what we saw.  Sorry, no chance to take discreet pictures of that….  But here are a few pictures of what we did take.  The day before that we went to Zilker Botanical Gardens, and discovered a huge park across the street.  It will be a nice place to frisbee golf, see free music, and try not to get attacked by crazies this summer!

It seems these posts are angled toward all the nature walks we’ve been doing, but be thankful.  The other things we do to pass the time are sitting on the couch and eating tortillas.

Here’s pics!




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26 02 2010

Oh Man! Good luck with the employment!
and for your further taxation enjoyment:

27 02 2010


2 03 2010

Great pictures! The rivers are beautiful, how great to have all that nature in the city! I hope they don’t all dry up, they look awesome for swimming.

Alaina says that the turtles are red-eared sliders. You can tell by the little red stripe behind their eye.

3 03 2010

She sounds like a “Naturalist Intelligence.” I just learned about all 8 intelligences in my online class. I’m pretty smart now. I love that she taught us that! What amazing little progeny you have there!

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