Jollyville Wildlife

18 03 2010

A few days ago I went for a walk and found this scene along Jollyville Road:

Not so jolly.




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30 03 2010

This poor grey bird just died and the other one is ready to feast on its dead carcus. It is unusual that this red tailed hawk goes after carion like that but I have seen it couple of times walking away in disgust while my spouse is slightly fascinated by it.

8 04 2010

we are both slightly fascinated by this. And I’m a vegan and my husband a obligatory vegetarian!

8 04 2010

Thanks for sharing nature’s bounty, beauty and “beastliness”. Must be turkey vultures – they hang out at canyon rims and such, elegant sailers, but uh! so ugly! Love them turtles! Saw the same kind crowding on tree trunks in Golden Gate Park in San Fran and could have sworn at the time some artist placed his bronze creations there! They were wet and looked black. Soak up all the sites and places and happenings and store for good story telling in your old age.
And keep reports flowing, we love them. M&D

8 04 2010

why does your email say and also thanks for the comment, keep them flowing too, they are always, well…you. Whom I love.

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