About Kristin and Jake

Hi. We’re extremely flattered that you want to know more about us. The best way of finding out more about who we are and what we do is to read our blog every day, of course. Apart from learning more about us, where else will you find such well written, insightful, and exciting articles like this one, this other one, or even this one over here? The answer, dear friends: nowhere.

If that is too much work for you though, here is a brief list of entirely factual trivia about us:

1. Jake has a beard.

2. Kristin does not have a beard.

3. Kristin likes dogs.

4. Jake also likes dogs.

5. We do not speak Tagalog.

6. We do speak English.

7. Jake likes to teach.

8. Kristin also likes to teach.

9. Kristin had cereal for breakfast today (12/3/2009).

10. Jake also had cereal for breakfast, although not the same variety as Kristin.

11. We spent 15 months teaching English in Korea.

12. We are going to go back to Korea to teach English in the near future.

13. Kristin owns numerous bottles of lotion.

14. Jake does not own any lotion.

15. Jake likes to carry around lots of books in his backpack that he probably will not be reading any time soon, but manages to convince himself that they are worth carrying around anyhow.

16. Number 15 annoys Kristin. Kristin is much more practical in her choice of things to carry around with her.

17. Jake likes to knit.

18. Kristin likes to organize.

19. Kristin prefers savory snacks.

20. Jake prefers snacks.

21. When there is an option, we are vegetarians.

22. Kristin likes to shake it and not break it.

23. Jake does not like to shake it, because then he will break it.

24. Kristin likes Star Trek. Kristin particularly likes Captain Kirk.


2 responses

4 10 2008

Wow! Miss you guys!

Tasha and the Boys

18 10 2008

hey bubs! check out my little site…it’s fun! crazy experience, learning a lot! http://www.butterflybeads7.etsy.com! pass it along i’ve been updating at least everyday…you see something you like , you let me know…kisses and huggies….wessy

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