Yummy, Teacher!

8 07 2009

Today one of the kids at our school brought in the coolest show and tell ever:

Not just cute, Korean shit cute

Not just cute, Korean shit cute

Later, there was a fire downstairs, but the two incidents do not seem to be related–for now.


Movin’ On Up

3 12 2008

Tonight I got my green belt. Only four more belts to go before I can learn the Fire Attack.

Still unable to defend against attacks that are not choreographed.

Still unable to defend against attacks that are not choreographed.

Tae Kwon Do bad mutha

1 12 2008

Hey interweb! I have been feeling under the weather for the past week or so, but on Saturday I was feeling perky enough to go see this Tae Kwon Do performance, and got there just in time to catch this sexy bad-ass guy kicking some boards in half. Oh, wait, IT WAS MY HUSBAND.

One Year Gone

23 11 2008

Last week was the anniversary of Hooker’s death and you can just imagine how we’ve been feeling over here. It’s been a few weeks of good cries, bad wine, and those bittersweet stories of turkey meals gone bad, pooping on school books, rolling in elk carcasses, camping, learning tricks, catching lizards, sleeping on our stomachs, eating her weight in spaghetti, having about a dozen nicknames, (to include Mrs. John T. Schveepers, Doodle, Hookie, Monkey of Love, Cookie Marie, Stink Mouth/Stank Mouth, MC Puppy Pants, Pupperooni, Wiggle Britches, Stinky, Gloria Fan-derbelt, Fuzzy Britches, and Fanny Pants), having the stinkiest breath but the sweetest kisses, and just how “Hooker” came to be. We managed to make this last night and it was a strange mix of catharsis and insanely sad:

My Baby

11 11 2008

We’ve spent an awful lot of time with each other over the last six months.

And I still miss her for the two hours I spend at Tae Kwon Do a few days a week.

I never imagined that I would find someone that I could spend so much time with and not get sick of them, much less want to hang out with them even more. I’m really lucky.

And she’s hot, too.

Now That’s Entertainment

17 10 2008

We’re spending the evening in. Going to see Cirque du Soleil somewhere in Seoul tomorrow. It’s going to be difficult to be satisfied after the feast of entertainment we’ve had tonight, though. We had the fortune of witnessing:

1. Snail vs. Turtle: Burnout. Slow and steady really does work, especially if the other contestant never moves. The snail won.

2. Frat Boy Olympics. A one-handed bra unfastening competition. One guy did sixteen in a row in under 20 seconds. And it was a bunch of guys wearing the bras.

3. Korean Idol. Middle aged Koreans singing karaoke. Pompadours, flowered shirts, and heaps of vibrato.