New Photos on Flickr

24 12 2009

Hey, happy holidays y’all. I uploaded a few new pictures from a fall trip to New Mexico, and a few others of the projects we (and by we I mean Jake) has been working on.


back home

6 09 2009

too tired to even capitalize or punctuate must sleep for several days now nite

The Internet

12 05 2009

For some reason the internet still isn’t working at our house. We’re trying to figure out why, and how to fix it. (We’re doing this quick post from school.) Sorry for any inconvenience.

Happy Mother’s Day!

10 05 2009

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. Our internet wasn’t working all morning or we would have called at least a few of you on Skype. Now it is too late, and we don’t want to disturb your beauty rests. So have a happy day, and thanks for doing all of those motherly things you do.


20 10 2008

I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND MISS YOU TERRIBLY!! Click on the thing below and watch the video!

Happy Birthday Spence!

3 09 2008

Hi there,

your auntie is old so it took her like 2 days to figure out how to post a video on this here blog. Turns out it accepts jpegs, mifs, docs, coms, rifs, dofs, and difs, but DEFINITELY NOT movs, so there’s your problem right there. Duh. What’s funny is that this probably makes sense to you. Love you little dude.

Jake’s Birthday Week This Week!

10 08 2008

Holy cow, if I ever needed an oven it’s right now.  Jake’s turning 30 this week and all I have to offer him for gifts is Pringles and bean curd paste for dinner!  Help!  How do I make, well, anything?