Hamilton Pool

16 02 2010

We walked here on Sunday.  The weather was gorgeous all day,  but quite literally the second we stepped out of the car, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees and the wind started howling.  We endured it for the 1/4 mile “hike” down and back.  Worth it to find this place and to know it’ll be there this summer when it is NOT COLD AT ALL.  I love a good swimming hole!

A lot of the trail was closed off due to wash-outs from all the rain we’ve been getting.  I asked the ranger if they had volunteer programs to help with rebuilding the terrain, but she said they usually only use Ameri-Corps volunteers.  Could I pass for 18?

We also drove out to “Hippie Hollow” which was intriguing in name alone.  And THEN we discovered that it’s a nude beach.  Right.  Will do a Saggy-Bits Safari this summer.  And commence with the giggling.

Here’re pics!

Have a great day!