Guess What?

18 11 2009

We suck at this lately.  We have been all over the map (literally and figuratively) in the 2+ months we have been back.  We traveled to Wyoming, northern Colorado, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and are now thinking about Guam for X-mas.  We hoped for a job in Medford, Oregon.  We hoped for a job in Bismark, North Dakota.  We hoped for a job in Topeka, Kansas.  Then we were like, “what would it take to move to Mexico?  Austin?  Florida?”  Seriously. We started to apply to 2 different colleges, offering programs we don’t really want.  Should we learn Korean?  Spanish?  Magic?  What?  It got so bad we were then just hoping for holiday jobs with Fed Ex, in the Accounts Receivable Department or Warehouse.  And still trying to cohabitate with family, peacefully.  Ugh.  So guess what?  We’re moving back to Korea for a while.  The job market sucks, y’all! And it turns out Korea ain’t so bad after all.  But look at what we’re now comparing it to.  So.

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