Boog check

8 12 2008

Jake and I have both been mildly to extremely sick for the last few weeks, and we finally this evening went to the clinic and got our sinus cavities suctioned, thanks Jebus.  But within 15 mintues, we were seen, defrocked, vacuumed clean, diagnosed, turned and coughed,refrocked, nebulized, and given 4 days worth of drugs, all for under $50.  Hopefully it works, as we are scheduled to leave for Thailand in 16 days, 22 hours, and 27 minutes.  Give or take a minute.

Two weekends ago we felt good enough to go for a long walk around the ‘hood, and ended up finding a new trail to walk on:

fall hike

feathery wisps

fall dorks

At some point we found a random lettuce farm, which are pretty sure feeds all of Jukjeon and Yongin city.  There were at least 50 of these plastic greenhouses.  Thing is, this lettuce farm is in between a large sewage drain and the highway.  Bon App….


Then off to the other side of the sewage drain pipe for a little exercise:

one and two and one and two

So now it’s 4 days of antibiotics and the impending non-fun that goes with that.  Hopefully this weekend we will do a little, well, anything, as this last weekend was all naps, drooling, eating, and watching movies.  On second thought, it was perfect and I hope we do the exact same thing again this weekend.